Monday, October 22, 2007

Bridge of Sighs

I am on page 239 of Richard Russo's new book the Bridge of Sighs. This is a 527 pager. Our beloved War and Peace (my Louise and Alymer Maude translation) comes in at 1250 (before the epilogues, notes, etc.). I mention that for the sake of comparison. The Bridge of Sighs is a long book, but it's not don't let the size keep you from purchasing this complex story.

Okay. Time for my confession.

Confession: The Bridge of Sighs is my first Richard Russo book (Good GOD!), but let me say that this will not be my last. (Next up: Straight Man.) I'm a sucker for small town America, and Russo tells that tale very well. The town in this book is the main character, and all the people get bit parts - but oh the people! And oh the parts they play!

I hope you enjoy this book. Tell me what you think, when you are though - but NOT YET. I'm still reading.


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