Friday, October 12, 2007

Ghosts in the Valley

On October 13th, Ms. Plott will be signing the famous, reissued ghost books that we can't get enough of:

Ghosts In The Valley

More Ghosts in the Valley

Ghost to Ghost Across the Land

A psychic investigator and an expert in the field of the paranormal and local author, Adi-Kent Thomas Jeffrey was cast into the national spotlight when her book, The Bermuda Triangle, hit the # 1 spot on the New York Times Best Seller List. Mrs. Jeffrey's other published works include over ten books devoted to the subject of the supernatural.

Ms. Plott, daughter of Mrs. Jeffrey, will be signing both before and after the New Hope Ghost Tour.

Ghost Tours meet at 8:00 across the street from Farley's Bookshop.

More info here:
Ghost Tours of New Hope

"Mrs. Jeffrey's ghost stories sparkle with such authenticity that you tend to overlook the creative, sincere talent of an author who continues to practice the most etheraeal of all lost arts - storytelling."

- Philadelphia Magazine

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Gail said...

I am an elementary school librarian in Bucks County and have read many stories from this book to the students in my school. They are amazed that the locations of many of the stories are local.
Great book!