Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Oh My Pie!

Today I am home sick. The great informative blog about Shop Local campaigns that I had planed to write today will wait (look for it soon...).

Instead I brewed some tea, grabbed this cook book and headed to my pillow propped, afghan covered bed. It is fall, and I'm thinking about pie.

Actually, if you ask my friends they will tell you I think about pie a lot anyway. Summer, fall, winter, spring...pie baking and pie eating is the cheeriest, yummiest, way to pass your time.

Of course, when I talk about pie, I'm not talking about one of those flimsy, pasty, glue-like concoctions that the super market has on display. Nor am I talking about something you buy in the frozen food department.

A good pie, a pie measured and cut and baked from flour to golden crust finish is a work of art. As anyone who has baked a pie can tell you, it can be a hit or miss process. One day you may turn out the perfect golden, fruit bleeding, flakiest pie that ever hit a human mouth, and the next may have you (heaven forbid) claiming that frozen pie isn't all 'that bad.'


Let me introduce you to Patty Pinner. Raised in the small town of Saginaw, Michigan, Patty grew up in a community of homemakers and pie bakers. In her book Sweety Pies, she has not only collected (and photographed) an amazing collection of pie recipes, she has also included wisdom from the bakers. Each mouthwatering recipe from Mama's Fresh Raspberry Pie to Bernice Brock's Old-Fashioned Grits Pie and Almeta McCray's Tangerine Meringue Pie comes with a story...a bit of lore...from the baker herself. These stories are down-home-meets-1950's, and I guarantee they will make you laugh (and cringe if you don't have a sense of humor, I suppose).

Regardless, in this book you will find lots of good pie information, as well as a few pies even my pie loving self has never heard of before. For instance - grits pie, navy bean custard pie, lemon chess pie, grated carrot pie, and an entire section of various meringue pies.

Sweety Pies
is a fun book full of great stories, educational pie baking ideas, and grand looking recipies. If you are thinking about baking the Thanksgiving Pie this year, this book is a place to start. Shall we put one on hold for you?

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