Monday, November 12, 2007

Bill Bryson on Shakespeare

What I really want to write about is this little art show that happened at John and Peter's last week, but I'm still waiting, waiting, waiting for more information from one James Arnold. JAMES! Get on it! Sigh.

So....this weekend I was sick. Sick enough to stay inside and in my pj's, but not sick enough to be hanging over the toilet. Sick enough, in other words, to stay in bed and read! And so, without further ado, and because I'm still waiting on JAMES ARNOLD ...I give you Shakespeare by Bill Bryson.

This little volume is a simple, straightforward lesson on the man who was Shakespeare: Who was he (no one really knows), how did he spend his time (not much information there either), was he actually gay (he married and had kids, but read his sonnets closely. I'll give you a hint: "Shall I compare thee to a summer's day..." That one? Addressed to a man. Great friendship or more? You decide, because the academics sure haven't), and the big question - did Shakespeare actually write Shakespeare?

Oh my. You want a GREAT term paper for you Shakespeare loving English teacher? Do a little research and you will find numerous accounts of people and groups of people who seem to have more of a claim to Shakespeare's work than the little known man himself.

I enjoyed the book.

It made me laugh, it made me cry, it made me take down my Riverside Shakespeare. Okay, I didn't laugh (may have chuckled) and I didn't cry (at all), but Bryson did peak my curiosity. And that is what a good biographer does.

So...if you interested in Shakespeare, or just the amount of words he (or someone else) coined, give this book a try.

(And if James Arnold is the guy who serves you your next meal at Zoubi - please for the love of all things literary, tell him to email me...)

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