Monday, April 27, 2009

May's Book Club Pick

Farley's is thrilled to announce our May book club selection! This month, we're reading the Edgar Award-winning Mr. White's Confession, by Robert Clark.

This haunting tale of the grisly murder of a dime-a-dance girl in 1939 St. Paul follows police Lietenant Wesley Horner, the troubled detective who is assigned to the case. Before long, Horner focuses his investigation on the eccentric Herbert White, a recluse who also enjoys taking suggestive photographs of dancers like Horner's victim. As Horner repeatedly interrogates Mr. White, it becomes clear that there is more at play than just his eccentric nature, for White is a man with no memory, forced to keep track of his life with a series of journals and scrapbooks...

"As thrilling as it is unnerving... Could have been written by Dashiell Hammett or James Crumley--at their best." ~ Greil Marcus, Esquire

"Written in the taut, menacing style of Patricia Highsmith's Ripley novels, this is one of those thrillers ... where the brooding noir atmosphere and secretive, unlovable characters will keep fans up all night, scratchy eyes glued to the page." ~ Jen Baker, Booklist

Please join us on Tuesday, May 26th at 7:00 p.m. for some exciting discussion of this riveting mystery--and of course, a few light refreshments as well. See you then!

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