Tuesday, April 28, 2009

New Release Tuesday

It's Tuesday--and that means new releases at Farley's! Check out some of our favorite new titles...

New in paperback today is Karen Fowler's Wit's End. by Karen Fowler. As the novel opens, 29-year-old Rima Lanisell visits her estranged godmother, Addison Early, in Addison's house by the sea, Wit's End. Addison, the author of a popular mystery series, once dated Rima's father, Bim, who has recently died, and for whom Addison named one of the characters in her books. Before writing each novel, Addison first builds a model dollhouse of the murder scene, but she is far behind on her newest book. As Rima sifts through online discussion forums and decades of correspondence from fans, Rima discovers that she herself is a topic of conversation among them. Through Rima and Addison, Fowler explores the connections and relationships between authors and readers, life and fiction, fantasy and reality.

Also by Karen Fowler: The Jane Austen Book Club

The eighth installment of James Patterson's Women's Murder Club series makes its debut in hardcover this week as well! The 8th Confession features Detective Lindsay Boxer as she investigates the all-too-perfect murder of San Francisco's most glamorous celebrity couple, Isa and Ethan Bailey. Meanwhile, reporter Cindy Thomas catches wind of another murder--this one of a preacher who, she discovers, may not be as saintly as everyone thought...

To make things even more complicated, as the two women pursue their cases Lindsay sees a spark between her partner, Detective Rich Conklin, and Cindy. Hang on tight for the twists, turns, and shocking revelations that only Patterson can deliver!

Also new in hardcover is Woodsburner, by John Pipkin:

"An inglorious episode in the life of 19th-century author and environmental saint Henry David Thoreau is the subject of Pipkin’s impressive debut novel. In 1844, a year prior to his memorable tenure at Walden Pond, while hiking with a friend on the fringe of woods not far from bustling Concord, Mass., Thoreau impulsively lit a match in dry weather during a high wind, starting a fire that would consume 300 acres of valuable forest and farmland. An initial focus on Henry’s guilt and panic unfolds into ongoing portrayals of the lives of three other men variously affected by the conflagration, as independently lived and as briefly linked to the life of Thoreau. Pipkin tells their stories in a breathlessly exciting present tense, layering in substantial information about the credos and conflicts of the new England Transcendentalists.... A superb historical fiction as well as a complex and provocative novel of ideas—Pulitzer Prize material." ~ Kirkus Review

Finally, Dean Koontz's Odd Hours is on sale in mass market paperback this week.

"The fourth adventure of Odd Thomas, the young man haunted by the deceased who can also foresee potential murderous disaster, may not be the best—his eponymous initial outing is—but darned if it isn’t the most purely entertaining. Odd goes out for a walk on the boardwalk to find the Lady of the Bell, a pregnant girl roughly his own age (21), who has appeared to him in a troubling dream. He succeeds, but then a blond gorilla and two skinny redheaded guys packing heat show up. For most of the rest of the book, Odd flees the three baddies, discovering that the local police chief and a liberal minister are in cahoots with them, until he reverses the procedure to prevent very serious destruction, indeed, aimed at regime change in America. Choosing so grandiose an objective for Odd, Koontz forges the kind of sweeping melodrama, complete with screwball laughs, nail-biting moments, and surprises, that is the bedrock of American narrative entertainment." ~ Ray Olson, Booklist

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