Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Take 5: Butter's Favorite Animal Books

Those of you who have visited Farley's have no doubt met Butter, our handsome and charming store cat.

Isn't he adorable?? Check out his top five animal books:

1. Dewey, by Vicky Myron.

How could Butter pass this one up? It's the story of Dewey Readmore Books, who was abandoned as a kitten in the book return slot of the Spencer Public Library in Spencer, Iowa.

2. I Can Has Cheezburger?

Do you love those LOLcats?? Then you'll really love this collection of favorite captioned images from the site.

3. Indognito, by Karen Ngo

Did we mention that Butter likes dogs too? We get lots of canine visitors to the bookshop, and Butter is always more than welcome to share the store with them. This book features a collection of "canines in costume" and is super amusing.

4. Wesley the Owl, by Stacey O'Brien

Wesley the Owl tells the heartwarming story of Stacey O'Brien, who on Valentine's Day in 1985 met a four-day-old baby barn owl with an injured wing. So began a 19-year relationship between the owl and his girl...

5. Farley Follows His Nose, by Lynn Johnston and Beth Cruikshank

How could Butter--or anyone?--resist a picture book about a dog named Farley??

Come visit Butter yourself, and take a closer look at his top 5 animal books! And don't forget to share your ideas for future editions of Take 5 in the comments...

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Lisa! said...

Love that Butter picture! I'm going to use it for my desktop!