Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Take 5: Buffy's Top 5 Favorite Authors of the Moment

With Farley's staffer Ellie off in Africa for the year, and fantastic summer staffers Kristina and Dylan returned to their academic homes for the school year, we've welcomed a new employee aboard here at the bookshop: Buffy. Yep, that's right, Buff. Pretty fantastic, right?

He's the first (and likely to be the only, if we're honest) Buffy in Farley's history, and to get to know him a bit, we've asked him to share his top five favorite authors. An all-time top five seemed too difficult a challenge, so instead, he offered us his top five authors right now. Thanks, Buffy, and welcome aboard!

1. Nelson Algren. "Algren breaks the barriers of poetry and prose. A sharp, clear, fearless eye."

2. John Fante. "Pure guts. He writes with pure guts."

3. Francois Villon. "A humane and heartbreaking poet. Hard lived ideas well said."

4. Abdelrahman Munif. "The Dostoevsky of Arab literature. Beyond important."

5. Jun'ichiro Tanizaki. "A Master storyteller unafraid to mine the interior of love. He's everything Nicholas Sparks fears."

What's in your top-five-of-the-moment??

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