Friday, January 15, 2010

Expand Your Reading Horizons with the 10-10-10 Challenge!

Be it one author by whom you feel compelled to read everything ever written, or that genre you're completely addicted to, it's all too easy to get stuck in a reading rut... to wrap yourself in that cozy little bubble of books you know you'll love and never crawl out. And really, who doesn't appreciate knowing that the next book you pick up is going to be one you can't put down?

But what about all of those amazing reads outside of the bubble? The ones you risk missing out on? That incredible biography overlooked by the fiction enthusiast, that perfect novel brushed aside by the history buff, that amazing short story collection ignored by the mystery-lover... well this year, we've discovered the perfect way to challenge yourself to pop the bubble and seek out books from a new section of Farley's: the 10-10-10 Reading Challenge.

The challenge was inspired by one at Library Thing, and is being spearheaded by two Twitter book professionals, Kalen Landow (@kalenski) and Melissa Klug (@permanentpaper). Here's how it works: choose ten genres/categories of books that are outside of your reading comfort zone. They can be anything you like! If you've never read a YA book, choose YA! If you'd like to make an effort to read more books by local authors, create a local author category! Then, try to read 10 books in each of your 10 categories by 10/10/10.

We know what you're thinking--100 books by October? Crazy! But the good news is that it's only a goal. If you don't make it to 100 by October 10th, no worries; the idea is just to challenge yourself to expand your reading. And keep in mind that some of what you read could count toward more than one category! For example, if two of your categories are YA and local authors, Marie Lamba's What I Meant... counts for both.

Farley's staffer Lauren has jumped in, with these categories:

Poetry/Novels in Verse
Science Fiction/Fantasy
Too Long TBR
Graphic Novels
Philadelphia Fiction
As-Yet-Unread Classics
Twitter Authors
Twitter Recommendations

To join the challenge, or just to learn more, visit Then let us recommend some great titles to you--from any section of the bookshop!

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