Thursday, May 9, 2013

Supporting Local Businesses by Not Stealing From Them

Last year we had a lot of problems with people scanning books in order to buy them elsewhere. In order to combat this problem we decided to ask people to not use cell phones at all in the store and most people have respected this.

However things have progressed this year and now we have had several instances of people photographing recipes and copying information out of books that they have no intention of buying. I'd just like to take a minute and explain why this is a bad thing. While it does hurt us, it also hurts the authors from whom the information is being stolen. People went to a lot of work to develop those recipes, research those travel destinations and document those paintings, just to name a few things that have been copied in the past months, and to take their work for granted is rude. By making the purchase you are supporting that author and this will make it much easier for them to continue producing new material.

People constantly argue that it's just one recipe or a couple of pages and that they don't want the whole book, but that is no justification for theft, because that is what it is. Either decide that the one recipe is worth buying the book or that you don't need it, those are the two options. Actually I'm wrong there is also a good third option, if you don't want to buy the book, check any of the local libraries and borrow it, maybe you'll even decide that it's worth buying after all.

We also get the argument that "I shop here all the time," and while that is great and we appreciate it, it still doesn't make theft okay. You wouldn't go into a grocery store and just take a couple of eggs out of a carton, walk out and tell the clerk, "It's okay, I bought a whole box last week, so I'm just gonna take these because I only need four eggs right now."

We put a lot of work into cultivating a quality collection and if you decide that you want to buy a book elsewhere that is your right and there is nothing we can do to stop you. But, to those who do, remember the next time you are using our store as a showroom, that without support we won't be here forever. We rely on our customers in order to exist and with that I just want to give a heartfelt thanks to everyone out there who shops here and let them know that we appreciate their support.

- Michael

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